Smuggler's Valor

Book 1 of the Reese Daniels Smuggler Series

Silver Honorable Mention in Volume 40 1st Quarter of L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest

Listed as a Nebula Awards Suggested Read for Novelettes Published in 2023LL

An Epherium Chronicles Novelette set fifteen years before James Hood and his mission aboard the Armstrong.

Smuggling is a dangerous business and Reese Daniels has the score of a lifetime within his grasp; however, getting shot down on one of Uranus' moons wasn't in his plan. Stranded and on the run in the middle of an alien invasion, Reese must work with a group of Marine cadets to escape a grisly fate.

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Before the end of the first page, ‘Smuggler’s Valor’ not only had me fully engaged but in the mood for Science Fiction adventure. – SF Crowsnest

Smuggler's Valor is an intense, breathless, visual masterpiece - Goodreads review

this action-packed story is an enjoyable read that will appeal to sci/fi fans. – Reedsy review

The characters were well developed, the world was interesting, there was action and comedy. I really cared about the story. - Goodreads review